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With our service you can easily
connect Ether cryptocurrency ETH and ERC20 tokens to site or application and
manage Ethereum wallet using API calls or dashboard

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What is it and who needs it

Typically, connecting a project to a Ethereum blockchain network is a fairly long and time-consuming process. Our service offers you a very easy and understandable API (Application Programming Interface) for interaction with the Ether (ETH and ERC20 tokens) cryptocurrency

Service Features

We have made a smart and understandable service that allows you easily interact with the Ethereum blockchain-network:

  • Accept payments by creating a separate address for each user or each operation. Funds received in this way can be immediately transferred to your address
  • Accept (track) fixed payments directly (address and amount are known in advance)
  • Send funds to any addresses
  • Receive IPN (Instant Payment Notification) by WebHook of confirmed transactions
  • Manage transactions through the dashboard

Live statistics

Total API requests processed:
Last parsed block:
Actual Gas price:

Pricing and fees

Any service requires funds for its maintenance. Our pricing policy is very honest and transparent. We don't take a percentage from a transaction and do not require a monthly fee. You pay only for actually spent resources (cost of 1 credit = 0.0001 ETH):

  • For each address created - 1 credit
  • For each tracked transaction - 1 credit
  • For each transaction sent to the network - 1 credit
  • For each successful IPN - 1 credit