How to call API

Description of parameters, example, limits

To call any service API, send a GET request to with the required parameters key and method. You can specify the method directly in the address, for example:
The set of other parameters depends of the method being called. Optional parameters are marked with an asterisk (*).

Parameter Type Description Example
method string(7) Method: give, track, balance, send or status send
key string(43) API access key 7f11318c57-d80ec82a73-8ae56f31cc-a9c336253b
from string(42) 40-digit Ether-address with the prefix "0x ..." 0xe4eeae4ebdd5e44ca4c27043dda859da841a97e
address string(42) 40-digit Ether-address with the prefix "0x ..." 0xa122eae4ebdd5e44ca4c27043dda859da841b09c
token string(10) Token ID from the list GNT
amount float Number (amount) of Ether coins. Decimal with a maximum precision of 6 decimal places 1.234567
price float Gas price in Gwei. The higher the price, the faster the transaction is confirmed. 3.2
limit integer Gas limit. Maximum amount of gas available for a transaction 50000
statusURL string(500) (URL-encoded) URL to your IPN handler
tag string(1000) The tag (label) to be transmitted to IPN op112233
uniqID string Unique label (see description in specific method) usr321
lifetime int Maximum tracking time in minutes 30
The service will return a JSON response. On success, see the result field. Otherwise, the error code will be returned in the error field.


Call Example:

The answer if successful:
{"result": 0}

Answer with error:
{"error": "token_wrong"}


In order to limit the load on the server, there is a limit on the frequency of access to the API - no more than 5 times per second