How to call API

Description of parameters, example, limits

To call any service API, send a GET request to with the required parameters key and method. You can specify the method directly in the address, for example:
The set of other parameters depends of the method being called. Optional parameters are marked with an asterisk (*).

Parameter Type Description Example
method string(7) Method: give, track, balance, send or status send
key string(43) API access key 7f11318c57-d80ec82a73-8ae56f31cc-a9c336253b
from string(42) 40-digit Ether-address with the prefix "0x ..." 0xe4eeae4ebdd5e44ca4c27043dda859da841a97e
address string(42) 40-digit Ether-address with the prefix "0x ..." 0xa122eae4ebdd5e44ca4c27043dda859da841b09c
token string(10) Token ID from the list GNT
amount float Number (amount) of Ether coins. Decimal with a maximum precision of 6 decimal places 1.234567
price float Gas price in Gwei. The higher the price, the faster the transaction is confirmed. 3.2
limit integer Gas limit. Maximum amount of gas available for a transaction 50000
statusURL string(500) (URL-encoded) URL to your IPN handler
tag string(1000) The tag (label) to be transmitted to IPN op112233
uniqID string Unique label (see description in specific method) usr321
The service will return a JSON response. On success, see the result field. Otherwise, the error code will be returned in the error field.


Call Example:

The answer if successful:
{"result": 0}

Answer with error:
{"error": "token_wrong"}


In order to limit the load on the server, there is a limit on the frequency of access to the API - no more than 5 times per second