IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

Payment notification

The payment process and confirmation of transaction may take from several minutes to several hours. Our service will notify you about confirmation by sending a POST request with data to the status URL you specified. The notification will occur twice: after the transaction appears on the network (1st confirmation) and after its 12th confirmation.

Data structure

Data in JSON format:
   etherapi.net: version
   type: message type = (in-payment / track-tracking / out-sending)
   date: date and time in UNIX format
   from: address-sender
   to: address-receiver
   token: token = (only for token transaction, ERC20 token ID)
   amount: amount
   txid: transaction txid (hash)
   confirmations: number of confirmations = (1/12)
   tag: tag
   sign: signature

Signature verification

To verify the signature, you must calculate a hash from the received data and compare it with the value in the sign field.
A hash is a (40-character hexadecimal number) result of the sha1 function from the string received by connecting through the colon (:) the values ​​of the type, date, from, to, [token,] amount, txid, confirmations, tag and API key.


The service expects a text response from the IPN handler.
This text can be seen in the office on the "Notifications" tab.


PHP IPN Handler Code Example:
if (!$_POST)
   $_POST = @json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
if (!$_POST['etherapi.net'])
$sign = sha1(implode(':', array(
   //$_POST['token'], // only for token transactions
   $cfg['apikey'] // API access key
if ($sign !== $_POST['sign'])
   die('Sign wrong'); // this answer will be visible in the dashboard

Notifications come from IP =