IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

Payment notification

The process of payment and confirmation of payment can take from several minutes to several hours. Our service will notify you when the transaction is credited, by sending a POST request with the information to the address you specified. The notification will be twice: after the transaction appears on the network and after its 12th confirmation.

Data structure

Data in JSON-format:
   etherapi.net: version
   type: notification type = (in / track / out)
   date: date
   from: payer address
   to: destination address
   token: token = (only for token transactions, ERC-20 token ID)
   amount: amount
   txid: hash of transaction
   confirmations: number of confirmations = (0 / 12)
   tag: label
   sign: signature

Signature verification

To verify the signature, you must obtain a hash from the incoming data and compare it with the value in the sign field. The hash is the result of the function sha1 from the string received by connecting through the colon (:) of the values of the fields type, date, from, to, [token, ]amount, txid, confirmations, tag and API-key.
Example code for an IPN handler in PHP:
if (!$_POST)
   $_POST = @json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
if (!$_POST['etherapi.net'])
$sign = sha1(implode(':', array(
   //$_POST['token'], // only for token transactions
   $cfg['apikey'] // API access key
if ($sign !== $_POST['sign'])
   die('Sign wrong'); // this answer will be visible in the office