Method track

Expect a certain payment

An alternative way to receive funds. If you know in advance where and how much will be paid, then you can clearly identify such a transaction.
For example, a buyer wants to pay $100 worth of goods. Recalculating this amount at the current rate, you get (for example) 0.5 ETH. Through this method, add invoice by specifying address, amount and label with the username or account number. After that, inform the buyer that he need to pay 0.5 ETH. After payment you will receive a notification with the previously indicated label. This option is based on the belief that at some time only the system and the payer know how much the system expects. If two or more people want to pay $100 at the same time, the service will slightly “correct” (by +0.000001 ETH) the amount of payment for each subsequent invoices so that it is unique and does not equal with the amount of other customers.

*token - Token ID

Call Example:
The answer on success:
   result: {
       amount: 0.500001 (equal to or slightly different from that specified in the call)